Here are my books!

These are the UK titles and covers. If you’d like to know what editions are available where you are, please contact me.

I haven’t included ‘buy’ links because I’d love you to buy these books from your local independent bookshop if you can. In the UK, you can do this online via hive.

If you use libraries, thank you! Every time you borrow a book from a library, the author gets a payment. And as a child who lived for the library, I know how much we need them.

Found In A Bookshop

Loveday Cardew needs to find a way to keep her beloved Lost For Words bookshop open as the world closes down. She knows that books can comfort, help and heal - and an elderly couple who live nearby show her how she can make a difference in a frightened world.

'A delightful and original concept about how a second hand bookshop can heal a community' Katie Fforde

'The perfect book to curl up with . . . It's heartwarming, emotional and full of kindness. A lovely and life-affirming novel' Sara Nisha Adams

'What a lovely book - so assured and gentle, full of compassion and replete with astute observations of human nature and behaviour' Carys Bray

Nobody’s Perfect

Kate’s daughter Daisy was born with cystic fibrosis and now she’s starting school. It’s a new world for both of them.

'Beautifully written and thought-provoking this illustrates that you don't need to be perfect to be good enough' Katie Fforde

'A pleasure to read' Shelley Harris

'A story of inner strength, fierce love and knowing your worth. Lovely' Jessica Ryn, author of The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside

The Woman in the Photograph

In 1968, photographer Veronica Moon meets feminist activist Leonie Barratt and life is never the same afterwards. A novel of photography, feminism and friendship, spanning fifty years.

The Woman in the Photograph is a powerful and empowering appeal to women to trumpet their achievements, and to keep on calling out sexism and inequality, in a modern world that has probably not changed as much as those second wave Women's Libbers had hoped for . . . Brilliantly researched, thought-provoking, and written straight from the heart, this is undoubtedly Butland's best book yet ― Lancashire Evening Post

One of the best books of the summer . . . A fantastic read! ― Jo Good, BBC Radio London

The Woman in the Photograph is an absorbing meditation on friendship and feminism, bringing the women at the heart of the story so clearly into focus that their struggles feel urgent and compelling, as well as acknowledging that we can measure the slow march of justice and equality by extraordinary moments in ordinary lives as much as by the milestones selected by the history books ― Sara Collins

The Curious Heart Of Ailsa Rae

After a life-saving heart transplant, Ailsa Rae is learning how to live. But following years of longing to be ordinary, she finds that it isn’t all she thought it would be.

'I love it so much. Moving, funny, romantic. Utterly engaging . . . impossible to put down' Katie Fforde

Lost For Words

Loveday Cardew prefers books to people, and her job in a second-hand bookshop in York suits her perfectly. She thinks she’s safe. But then books from her past start to appear in the shop, and Loveday’s life begins to change…

'Quirky, clever and unputdownable' Katie Fforde

'An exquisite story' Liz Fenwick

'Burns fiercely with love and hurt' Linda Green

'I cried like a motherf***er' Shelley Harris

'Intriguing and touching' SUNDAY EXPRESS

'A beautiful book' PRIMA

The Other Half Of My Heart

Baking saved Bettina May. When her life fell apart one tragic night, it was the only thing that brought her peace. Then her bakery wins an award, and an old friend sees her photo in the paper…

Letters To My Husband

Mike drowns saving a teenager from a freezing January lake, and his wife Elizabeth, who is young, not expecting to be widowed, and thousands of miles from home, must pick up the pieces.

Thrive: the Bah! guide to wellness after cancer

Self-help to take you from the moment you get the all-clear to the time you really feel like yourself again.

How I Said Bah! to cancer

A guide to living, laughing, thinking and dancing your way through. Part memoir, part self-help, based on my experience of a breast cancer diagnosis in 2008.


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